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27th Aug., Chengdu to Chishui, Guizhou


Because of being too hungry, everyone just rushed for lunch and kept eating with the best appetite. It is quite normal for travelers to be easier to have a satisfactory meal.

We went hiking to see waterfall this afternoon. It started raining. Because we were all the members of the big travel group, even without any flag, we were still told before hiking to come back in one hour. It should be impossible, but I did it because I ran back. Unbelievable! Impossible is nothing!

I changed my mind to go to the summit of the mountain and then went back. However I enjoyed the hiking very much since I met one young girl. She went to the scenery spots to collect the empty water bottles for her tuition fee. So I told her that maybe she went with me to the park lot to see how many bottles I could find out. But I was not sure and said to her there maybe only one. But she smiled to me and said “Even one, I will go with you”. So I got some companion to have a run.

When running down, she was concentrated on those bottles and it seemed that she had very good eyesight on them. Sometimes I went to the rubbish bins for checking and every time it was empty inside.

Luckily, I found out far more than 3 bottles in the park lot. That was really a good news not only for her.

Her name is Xia Jin and she will go to her new school in Sichuan tomorrow.

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14th back to Chengdu


Left to Chengdu at 6am, another bus was 6.20am. But it was always the same, the latter one would become the first one after departure. Unbelievable!

Fortunately, it was smooth to go back only with maybe totally one and half hour blocking. So I thought I was lucky!

Had to start work tomorrow, terrible!!!

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13th to Zöige


I had no idea what I could do there. But thanks god, I met one girl from Beijing and we went to the monastery there.

I was happy to be in the monastery again to see the red clouds.

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12th Back to Langmu Si


Everyone got up very earlier because of my leaving. Mama prepared the pancakes for me. They were still warm in my bag. I could say Goodbye to Rang’er and even could not see him. The bus was unbelievably crowded. When I pushed into the bus, it left. I cried again because of leaving.

The feeling was so strange when the bus was closer to Langmu Si, just like going home.

Met a Shanghainese girl on the bus to Langmu Si. And because of loving Langmu Si and the people there, she changed her mind to go back to Langmu Si. She just arrived at Hezuo from Langmu Si one hour before.

It was a great day, not only sunny, but it was important for Tibetan Buddhism, for every Tibetan. There was some Buddhism dance in Gansu’s monastery. The local people were sitting everywhere, and the kids were ready for the fruits the dancer would throw out to the crowded during dancing. However I had had not any idea on the meaning of their dancing. The reason was they could not explain it in mandarin.

I met on little boy and his sister at Hezuo bus station this morning. They were begging for money. I asked if they went to school and they answered me “yes”. So I gave money to both of them and bought them breakfast, but the time should be close to lunch.

The monk teacher invited me for dinner and then bought the ticket to Zöige for me. He went to the driver’s room three times because he wanted to make sure I could catch the bus.

The last night here in Langmu Si.

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11st the home of Rang’er


It was raining almost the whole day. They told me that only this year it rained a lot, a couple of days raining and one day dry.

Mama got up early and started to clean the big house, everywhere, I think. After I woke up, mama gave me my breakfast, the yak milk and pancake. Rang’er then cooked me one plate of potato and both of us shared it. Afterwards I went out for a walking with his sister because of rain stopping. When I came back, I ate some yak milk and pancake again. Till around 5.30pm, they cooked pasta for everyone. I thought it should be dinner and because it was really tasty, I ate a lot. But around 9pm, it was their real dinner time and I ate again. The result was…

They treated me very well and wanted to give me all the best of everything.

Rang’er stayed at home all day to help the praying. The monk whom they asked to come home for the pray came here almost lunch time because of raining. After some time talking, they started praying. And he needed to help this praying and later would do together with that monk. When the praying came to the end, everyone was waiting on front of the room where the praying held. Some of them were murmuring with the praying going on. The room was sounded by something throwing down to the floor, every man went into the room and held something out with their hands. They were waiting in line. With the monk’s some voice, they left to go outside with some shout.

After dinner it was for women of this family to have photograph fun time. They helped each other to change to their new and beautiful clothes. It lasted for several hours. Even Rang’er “complained”.

The last ones to take pictures were me and Rang’er.

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