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30 Apr.

Langmu Si

sunny 18 °C
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I had two Chinese and one English classes in the morning.
The kids seems grown up a lot from several months ago. Even the naughty boy is able to focous on his book. The sun is over head and the air is getting warmer and warmer.My neck is hurting now.






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29 Apr.

Langmu Si

sunny 16 °C
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We got some rest in this afternoon. No need to climb up and down, and came back to the room at 6pm. Though we have already made a dinner appointment, we still had something to eat before we went to upstairs to read.
We will have dinner with the teacher, who worked in the small grocery before, and the two kids.
The monastery had one tree-planting day today. We thought if there would be a tree we had planted, it would be very cool.
Luckily, we were told that we could do it.
They started to laugh at our unskillful hole digging. Some of them eventually could not stand it and came at us to give a hand.
We took pictures after it was done.
The kids from the school were asked to pick up rabbish in the whole monastery. They did it very well.

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Ice Hockey


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Linkoping team is said to be the first time to play the final games. The team won the first game. Luckily we watched that game.
It started earlier in the evening and we were all seated before TV to wait for it. Fredrik prepared some beer in the table and I have some tea instead.
When it started, it was difficult to control selves. We were following every pass and every shot. I was shouting whenever the two teams failed to shot or they got shot. It was no doubt that I shouted more for the local team, Linkping team.
Fredrik missed his pc game so much too and since these two teams were not his favorites, so he took the game relaxing, watching the game while reading the guide booklet on pc game. He was looking for any trick to live his game characters ‘family life.
I jumped over from the sofa and he raised his voice too when time went to the last second. Linkping won the first game.
His nephew should be excited too, because he is the big fan of Linkping team. He was there in the site watching the game. I was expecting to see him from TV. Since there were a lot of people, I cannot find him among them. The whole city seemed to move into the stadium that evening.
The game would move to Moto located city to have the second one.
The young boy was given the last game’s ticket, champion game.

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Icecream Competition


sunny 9 °C
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With Xiaoyu, we started to have a competition on icecream, glass in Swedish.

Actually I did not get any clear idea on how much icecream we had stuffed in the stomach, till I saw the pile of icecream boxes next to the front door. Xiaoyu nodded to me,"yes, that is all so far", while I was surprised at that pile.

We normally bought the whole box of icecream, sometimes the smaller ones and the bigger ones too.

I always asked to buy icecream, but he never wanted to lose the competition.

One day, he told me,"you should take it away from me, otherwise I will eat all of it." That is 2-liter box. He said that he once got that kind of amount for one time.

I wanted to stop eating icecream, but it was filled up with my mind.

We went to the icecream shop, which is the most famous in Linkoping. As usual, the waiting line was long and wand out of the shop door to the center of the street.

When we came out with two cones of icecream at hands, I saw the people around there all eating or licking up those purple, brown, white and so on.

He is not able to control the drops from the melting icecream, and it is of course that those spots dropped on his hand, T-shirt and pants.

He likes to call me Ms. Mess, but he was Mr.Mess that day with yummy icecream.

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Xiaoyu, my friends and even my parents start to call him this now. Anyhow this is his Chinese name, actually Chinese nick name.

He was sitting there, just before me, in the chair. All his back was lying into the back of the chair. I prefer to call this chair sofa, but he told me that it was a chair.

His eyes were shining from time to time while he saw me directly into my eyes. Then I was just like swimming in the summer’s sea, warm and soft, the waves coming not to cover me, but hug me whole.

I enjoy to swim in the sea under the sun and it is just gorgeous to feel the warmth coming out all the directions to the body, evey inch of the body. And then the sea’s tender fingers are touching my skin, straight to my empty mind. My thoughts are vaporized in the sun.

He does not eat so much sweet as I usually do, but it is strange that he is so sweet. He could cook the best yummy foods in this world, but he would like to choose to hide himself behind me.

I did pancake the first time, and did not know, even now I do not know how to cook it. But I tried, and obviously I failed.

I prepared all the stuffs I need to make pancake and then pour dough into the pot. The most difficult part is to turn it over and then it became something else. He was smiling to me, “I can survive”.

The bad thing to me is I had to ride the bike with feet brake. I could say that every bicycle in China is not so difficult to learn like that and I even don't have any idea if we have such kind of bicycles in China. But he has, most people there have that kind too.

I needed to remind myself all the time, “backward is going to bake, backward”, at the beginning of the little “training”. He was far ahead of me every time, but he was always slowing down and waiting. The first part was over and then the new came. I had to handle with the slope while braking there and then starting there again. I even bursted into him and his bicycle several times, when he had already been waiting by the traffic line. He still kept himself in front of me and then turned to have a look at me several times while cycling.

We cycled to the bird tower once, even he was forced to do it at the begin, but actually he enjoyed all the views very much, just like I did.

He likes to throw stuffs instead putting them down carefully. So “Bing Bang, Bing Bang” sounds all the time while he is doing it. It seems that is cool to do so.

He becomes a big boy while staying with his parents. He acts like a spoiled boy. It is not difficult to find out that his parents do not bother by spoiling him. They love each other, I know. When three of them were just sitting by the table and looking out of window quietly, there is no doubt that they are just the family.

It seems that he never told his mom how excited he was when he found out her favorite owl collection. He told me every time when he held one kind of owl souveniors in hand, “mom likes them very much and she collects all of them.” He never forgot to pick up those little owl stuffs from the piles of the others.

He showed me around when we were at his parents’ house. Full of owls, everywhere, and dozens of them. He introduced them, the colletions, to me interestingly, like talking about his own collection. And he did the introduction about his father’s fishing too.

While stuffing self to the sofa, he looks like mind-empty. While watching the documentaries, he put all of self into it, concentrated even not hearing anything around him. While watching ice-hocky, he is only interested in his favorite team, even he told me that he liked that sports very much. When I was shouting for one goal or one failure, he was lying on the sofa and biting his fingernails.

There are much more about him, Xiaoyu, the lovely, sweet and cute Xiaoyu.

I prefer to call him Xiaozhu, because of all of the reasons.

That is him, my sweet laogong, my husband, Fredrik.

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